Beacon Brightwood Business Alliance

Who Can Join?


Any business or professional who operates a business, resides, or worships in the Brightwood area of upper Northwest Washington, D.C., is eligible to join the BBBA.  Ambassador membership (non-voting) will be available to non-businesses, civic, community organizations and also students. Brightwood’s boundaries extend from Fern Street to Kennedy Street (north-south) and from 3rd Street to 16th Street (east-west).

Beacon Brightwood Business Alliance!


The Beacon Brightwood Business Alliance (BBBA) is a business support and advocacy organization founded by the Emory Beacon of Light, Inc. (EBOL), and concerned Brightwood business owners in 2007.

Our Purpose


The BBBA was formed to organize business owners in Brightwood into a strong, united block that can speak as one voice about the needs, desires, and realities of the Brightwood business community. All BBBA programs, policies, and activities will be developed with the goal of benefiting the entire Brightwood community in matters relating to commercial development and revitalization, resource acquisition,Read the Rest…